Painters Galore

There were like a million painters all over the house yesterday, and this morning they were out there at 8am, scraping away. At noon, they started power washing, which predictably resulted in something that sort of resembled one of those all-over showers, only with utterly filthy water. At one, it started raining, and by three it was pouring icy cold rain, and they gave up and went home.

In the mean time, Noel put up a couple pieces of drywall, and I insulated around the back parlour window so he could finish there, too.

Yesterday, we bought a new mailbox that is not so ugly, to attach to the door. I pried the old house numbers off the front column and this afternoon set them in a bath of paint remover to get them clean; when they are nice I will paint them black and attach them to the mailbox, so people can tell what house this is without having to guess. We also dragged all the odd ends of drywall that have been accumulating in the front parlour out to the dumpster, so there's a lot more room to work now. I did over-order on the drywall, but it was easier to pay a bit too much and get too much than to have to order more when we inevitably broke a piece or two being clumsy.

Tomorrow a drywall contractor comes by to give us a quote on taping/mudding the walls.

posted by ayse on 12/19/03