Plants in the Ground

We went offline for a few days because our server got hacked, but we are back up and running.

In the meantime, the landscapers have been doing stone work and planting. And hacking up the front yard. Oh, and they put two gigantic piles of compost right where I need to put my car to charge it up, which means I've been exploring public charging stations.

Back yard with planting underway

Here's the back yard with some of the compost laid down and planting started. It's feeling a little chaotic right now, but gardens are like that.

Side yard

Same deal in the side yard, where they've got the right side planted up.

The sidewalk butterfly garden

They also started tearing up the front for the butterfly garden along the sidewalk. That included jackhammering out the concrete in area between the sidewalk and the street (sometimes called the "hell strip") at 7:30 in the morning, for which I apologize to all my neighbors.

Downspout water feature

This is one of my favourite parts: a dry creek that fills up when it rains.

Stone bench

And this stone bench and small flagstone patio under the magnolia out front are coming together nicely. Not sure I'm going to want to hang out here this winter, but I can see it being an excellent place to spend a summer evening with the neighbors.

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