Irrigation tubing

A short week for the landscapers, who got called off to work on another job. But before they left they did get a lot of drip line installed.

Irrigation tubing in place from above

They ran supply lines around and they connected all these drip lines. This is pretty much the approach I had decided to take to the irrigation over time, to infiltrate the water below soil/mulch to reduce evaporation.

Irrigation tubing in place

The next step will be taking the gigantic pile of compost in the driveway and spreading it out over this. I was hoping more of that would get done this last week because it's blocking access to my car charger, but I can use public chargers at a few places as needed so it isn't the worst.

Living fountain innards

The living fountain here will process our household graywater and turn it into clean water for irrigation. That will even out our water supply over the end of the summer and early fall when the tank runs low.

Front bench

The front bench is almost done. The rest of the landscaping there is not quite done yet, but I have faith that it will get done.

Happy witch rock

And they made a little Halloween decoration with one of the boulders in the driveway!

posted by ayse on 10/30/22