Hardscape Update

Hardscape installation was well and truly underway this week. The landscapers have been cutting stone to lay out the new patio (at the door of the greenhouse) and the pathways.

Man cutting stone to shape

They've been working from the back towards the front, which is interesting.


There's a roped off area which will be a water feature. They've spent a lot of time laying out the stone just right, but this is by no means done yet (for some thing the greenhouse doors can't fully open yet).

Space between the chicken shed and greenhouse

This space between the chicken shed and the greenhouse will have a pergola in it -- I'm not sure when we will build that, as it's not part of the current scope of work. It will have a small patio and space for our locally acclimated orchids, plus a nice place to sit in the shade (the Cecile Brunner rose is going to be trained over the pergola).

Back yard

The stone layout got halfway along the side last week, and you can see on the right a narrower channel which will take stormwater runoff and allow it to percolate into the yard.

Side yard

And the view back from the driveway.

Fern Walk

The Fern Walk got nice stone, too.

Drainage layer for the front patio

And they've gotten started on the patio/bench for under the front tree. I am a little skeptical of the height of this, because it feels like the final patio will end up being almost a full step above the main entry path, but I'm leaving my mind open.

posted by ayse on 10/02/22