Down With the Awning!

On to Monday's fun:

This morning, the painters arrived. They began by draping plastic over half the yard, then set up ladders and began scraping away. I set them up with electricity and a water connection, left the back door unlocked so they could use the bathroom, and let them go. It's going to be slow, but it will get done.

In the afternoon, we ordered a new dumpster. It will be here Wednesday and we will try to get it filled and gone by next week. Lots of stuff to put in it: the old trim, the old carpet, shards of the late gutters, those mysterious posts from under the house, and the remnants of several modelling projects I did this fall. Also a huge trash bag full of crappy videotapes of old TV shows that both of us were carrying with us and not watching.

In the evening, we began to take the awning down. Lots of unscrewing. Lots and lots and lots of unscrewing. And a frightening discovery: where the outdoor light is, they just pulled some of the old knob and tube wiring out of the house and duct taped it to some new Romex. And left it exposed to the weather. Over a giant alumnium awning. Since these were the same people who thought newspaper made great insulation, I should not be surprised, but really. Somebody could have been killed.

We didn't finish the breakdown because it got dark. More for tomorrow!

posted by ayse on 12/08/03