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We spent the weekend clearing out the parlours to prepare for closing in the walls. Basically, it got cold enough that we were motivated to get to work.

Plans are to put this rafter ventilation stuff on the siding, in case water gets in (what they teach you in architecture school: always give the water a path out), then encapsulated insulation (another level of protection against wetness), then 5/8" wallboard screwed in more than really necessary, because I'm a big worrier. Then we'll hire somebody to come in and tape it for us, because anything involving fine motor skills and plasterlike substances is not something we should be taking on.

As part of this project we're rewiring the room, too, so I drew up a wiring plan and we shopped for light fixtures. We're going to keep one of the old fixtures for now, until we find the right semi-period piece to put in the place of the old gas lamps, but we are also going to use wire lighting from Tech Lighting. I spent some time drawing out the design for that, too, and figuring out how to work in a fairly complex control system without installing a huge ugly computer in the wall of my living room.

The last part of the project, the one dearest to my heart, is that we're going to replace our old wood-burning fireplace that doesn't draw with a gas fireplace that looks like a coal grate and has a thermostat (so it can be used to heat a room). If we design it right, we can even add a second unit upstairs, which means heat, actual usable heat, on both floors of the house. I really feel motivated to close in the walls now, you better believe it.

posted by ayse on 11/03/03

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