Lush New Digs

This is not exactly house construction related, but after only five or six hours of obsessing, and a half a day of installing software, I managed to move the Casa Decrepit blog over here to my own site. I owe it all to Movable Type, a blogging package that kicks ass. Also, I owe a lot of this site's css to some wonderful examples by Owen Briggs. I've been inspired to start getting the rest of the Blue Room out of the ninties. Since there isn't enough to do on the house, apparently.

Other house news: it's been raining. Outdoors and in. A rather large leak developed in the office, so we did the obvious thing: put a bucket under it. Seems to be water coming in around the chimney. We're going to have to do something about that. Also, water was basically pouring in around the kitchen window (not terribly surprising as that window is basically not sealed in any way), so tomorrow Noel may go out and caulk it, just to keep us dry.

I can't wait for the house to be weathertight.

posted by ayse on 01/01/04