They're Back!

The painters returned today, to do a couple of days of spot-priming, scraping, and filling. They worked at it all day, and seemed to make good progress. They also tidied up their things which had been sort of haphazardly piled in the yard, which was nice.

In the mean time, I spent most of the morning researching shed building regulations in Alameda. We can build right up to the property lines in the back and side (because it is more than 75 feet from the front of the property), and we can cover 40% of the last 20 feet of the property, which means we can build a shed which covers at least 400 square feet. That's larger than the plans I've been drawing up, so I might add another foot to the depth. This is why it's great to have a large lot.

posted by ayse on 03/04/04