Stuff Dug Out of Our Yard

Note: this is a former static page that has been entered here. These events took place in January 2003.

Our neighbor Vince collects old bottles, and he asked if he could dig in our yard. Since we're planning on redoing the whole yard anyway, we figured this was the time to do it, so we said to come on by. Here's some of the stuff he dug out of the yard:

Rosie sitting by some of the holes

Some of the stuff we found, arranged on the patio

More of the stuff

Bottles that were in pretty good shape

A tin teapot

Shoe polish bottles from the back of the yard

More bottles and some broken Depression glass

A nice green dish

Some shards of willow ware

A woman's face from a calendar plate

View down into a hole

posted by ayse on 01/31/03