"The Rain is Over for the Season"

NOTE: As of September 23, 2009, this post has been edited in
accordance with a court-mediated settlement. The names of the
contractor and his excavation subcontractor have been replaced with

When we had the Big Meeting in April, Contractor A (who was given to lying about this sort of thing) told us that he'd called the National Weather Service and they had told him the rain was over for the season.

I found this odd, as I had had my own conversation with them about this and they'd told me that it was an exceptionally wet winter, as predicted, and we should expect rain well into June.

In mid-June, we had a series of rain storms.

Rain in June

This morning, as Noel and I walked out the door, we smelled that familiar alkaline smell of water on concrete. Yes, it had rained:

Wet driveway

Wet wet wet

How reassuring Contractor A (who had sabotaged the site by removing the weather protection around the fragile, damaged soil holding up our house) can be, no?

posted by ayse on 07/21/05