We Have a Drain Field

All the gravel went under the house, then it was leveled and some gravel came out. I'm sure this will end up somewhere on the site, eventually.

Piled gravel

Finishing the gravel works means the old sumps got decommissioned and filled in with, I suppose, gravel. Only the external sump is still operational.

No sumps!

It looks nice down there.

Drain field

The guys didn't work on the Stego Wrap today because they're still tightening up the forms and preparing them for the 12" mat slab. To do that they cut the bottoms off the 2x4s, and added some weird supports along the back. They have some more of that to do tomorrow.

Chopped ends

Tomorrow, I am told, the first shipment of the special rebar (30' long!) should arrive, and they will begin laying it out. At some point in the next couple of days we'll have an inspection where the structural engineer comes on site and OKs the rebar layout, maybe rearranges some of it, and then they can tie it all up. We were able to get passes on some of the special inspections and a requirement in the plans that we get shop drawings of the rebar layout by having open channels of discussion and inspection with the structural engineer. In return, we have to make sure that there's a lot of transparency and communication between the parties concerned.

posted by ayse on 08/09/05