Sills and Sticks

Today, the Counterforce crew installed pressure-treated 2x4 sills on top of the front foundations. On top of those, they installed 4x4 boards, into which the shear panels will be eventually nailed. Why the 4x4? If you pound a galvanized nail into a pressure-treated board, a chemical reaction occurs and the nail dissolves! Anyways, here's a nice example of their work:

side sill

Once the sills and nailing boards were place, they started to build the cripple walls. The work went fast. Here's the back of the house, all framed up:

back cripple wall

Another angle:

back corner cripple walls

They even got a bunch installed under the house:

sill and cripple wall under house

(Thanks again to John for the pictures.)

posted by noel on 09/09/05