The Yard

Our big, empty yard:


yard, again

(Thanks to John for the above two photos.)

You can see that they've started to break up the concrete at the end of the driveway, too. It'll be nice to see it go.

More shear walls were finished today:

interior walls

Another angle of the same walls, this time with Goldie doing her impression of Medusa from Clash of the Titans:

interior walls with dog

Someone pinch me. This can't be real.

posted by noel on 09/27/05


Look great! I'm still kind of wondering who paints their house teal and pink. Is that a period color?

It's our neighbors in the alley. I doubt it's a period colour because really saturated paints like that were pretty expensive, and the house is a workman's cottage (it was moved there early in the 20thc). I think they just like the colours (it's a dark green and rust; the camera makes it look more teal and pink somehow).

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