Here's a 7AM wake-up for you:

truck through back screen door

The truck had pulled into the backyard and right up to the back door. They quickly set up the chute to deposit concrete directly into the basement:

chute into basement

More chute assembly:

more chute into basement

Goldie was very interested to watch the concrete zooming down the chute into the basement:

Goldie waching concrete go down chute

At the bottom, it was caught in a wheelbarrow:

concrete into wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow was walked over to the hole, and the concrete dumped:

concrete dumped into hole

Then, they spread out the concrete and used the vibrating "donkey tail" to get it as dense as possible:

spreading and vibrating concrete

They were done with the three plugs in the basement in about 30 minutes. It went fast! That's the last of the concrete that needed to be poured under the house.

The last concrete bits around the house are the footings for the front stairs. The city inspector was out yesterday and gave the OK, so they drove the truck around front and started to pour concrete there. Goldie inspects the work:

Goldie watching concrete poured into forms for front stairs

More concrete wrangling:

more concrete at front stairs

Ahh, troweling the front stair to a nice, smooth finish:

troweling the front stair smooth

It's nice to have all of that finished!

posted by noel on 10/07/05