Siring the Wump

Uhhhh... Wiring the Sump!

Today I installed a dedicated GFCI circuit for the sump:


Not to toot my own horn too much, but look at this nicely installed armored cable:


Ahh, the joy of a cleanly installed circuit:


You can spot the new circuit in this picture by looking for the nicely radiused curves and proper fastening along the cable's length:


The best part of this is the fact that there is no longer an extension cord draped across the floor:


If you're interested, you can watch me fuss around in the basement while installing the circuit.

posted by noel on 10/18/05


Oooooh Baby! That is one sweet looking circuit.

Oh, man I don't envy you at all. I mean, I do get a thrill out of doing things myself, but sometimes the shear chaos of it all is overwhelming. Good luck. I'll check back in weekly to see how you're doing. Maybe it will inspire me. :)

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