For Our Next Trick

It rained all day yesterday, and all night, and this morning we woke up to thunder and lightning and a bit of hail. And a moat.

This is the area by the driveway yesterday afternoon:

Not as much water

When Rosie and I went out this afternoon, it has entirely filled with water, 8 inches deep in places.

Front gate with dog

From the back yard:

Front gate, other direction

There's no way for the water to drain out right now; at some point we'll put in perimeter drains and dump them to the street, but right now we're really more concerned about the water under the house, which is pretty OK; the sump is running every 20 minutes or more, and the water flow is the same as yesterday. I figure that it's hard for the water to work itself down through all that compacted sand, since I can't even dig in it, myself.

It is pretty profoundly wet outside, though. This has totally ruined my plans for hauling more bricks this weekend and doing more cleanup.


I love how it looks like the flower pots have taken refuge on the gravel. I put them there before it started raining to get them out of the way for my grand gravel project.

Back wall

The dogs, of course, love the rain. They think we should keep a moat around the house all the time, and add extra mud in as they track it around the house. The funny thing here is that Rosie had just lain down in a muddy puddle and is utterly filthy. But boy, Goldie sure does look dirtier than Rosie, doesn't she? Never go out in the mud in light colours.

Wet wet dogs

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posted by ayse on 12/18/05