Fern Walk

Yesterday afternoon we did some dirt moving (more piles from the back moved to improve drainage and to make the curving, odd paths of the Fern Garden in the alley), and then we had another garden space.

Here we are in the middle of moving soil from the back yard into the low spots:

Alleyway earth moving

And after:

With compost

I've been propagating ferns all winter, but they were nowhere near enough to fill the space up, so maybe I will have to go buy some more. But it's nice to have all the beds ready.

In other news, yesterday morning we wasted time best spent gardening by driving down to Redwood City to Lynsgo Garden Materials to look for pathway materials (because it seems that crushed shells are totally unavailable in this area).

We ended up choosing a 1/8" gravel in this colour, which looks sandy when dry and slightly darker brown when wet. Now we need to find a landscaper to install it for us, because the prospect of another weekend spent hauling tons of stuff all over the yard is not pleasant.

Desert Brown Fines

On Saturday, we drove up to Sonoma County to visit nurseries. I wanted to see rhododendrons and Japanese maples with no leaves on them (it is, by the way, surprising to me how many people think there is no value to be gained from looking at a tree without leaves on it), and we were able to do that plus some other stuff with the guidance of good friends, but it was a freezing cold day and most nurseries were still closed. We need another excursion in a couple of months.

Now that the garden is mostly settled, we can move back inside and get to work finishing off that living room. Perhaps four years of work is enough to get us to done on it.

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posted by ayse on 02/20/06