Two Ends of the Day

Before I left for work this morning, I took a picture of the current state of the stair construction:

the stairs as I left them this morning

Here's what things looked like on my return:

the stairs when I got home from work

You'll notice that the superstructure for the stoops is in place on the right-hand side, and a pressure-treated sill plate has been placed on the left-hand side. In the center, some spare wood has been installed to serve as concrete form (for the stringers to rest on). You can see here that they've got a few pieces of rebar installed:

some rebar to tie the two pieces of concrete together

Here's a nice epoxy doweling job. This involves drilling or chiseling away at existing concrete, drilling holes several inches deep, then inserting the ends of rebar into the holes with some epoxy (gray in the following photo):

epoxy doweling

In the process of performing today's work (caught again on Porch Cam!), you can see the stoop wall go up and the rebar being installed.

Pretty much all of the raw materials have been consumed. Our old stoop caps are all alone:

stoop caps

The debris pile, however, isn't growing much, meaning that many neighborhood denizens have been making visits:

posted by noel on 05/03/06