Work on the front stairs continues apace.

Yesterday morning the footing for the stringers was cured enough to break off the formwork.

Footing in formwork

The carpenters spent the day making stringers, which made both Noel and me feel better about how long it took the front stairs to get repaired when we did our half-assed job three years ago (that long? Wow). At the end of the day they packed away the stringers (very sensible, as those are likely to take a walk if left out unprotected) and this is what we had:

Side walls

As you can see, there will be a plate across the footing for the stringers, bolted in place much like the one directly at the bottom of the photo, that will keep them from sliding out (WHEE!) when people step on the stairs.

Footing, no formwork

The guys backfilled the hole with some of the dirt dug out to make the footing, but as is traditional for us, any construction project requires that we end up with a pile of dirt in the yard.

Pile of dirt

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posted by ayse on 05/06/06