Before and After

Funny conversation in e-mail today:

Them: So you spend all this time and stuff on your yard, and it still looks like crap. Why don't you have more going on if you keep buying plants? Do they keep dying? [Other semi-accusatory blather.]

Me: You should see what it looked like before.

It turned out that this person had found the site through a gardening link and had not seen the foundation work. The conversation improved from there, but it did make me kind of curious. I went looking to compare two similar photos, and it certainly is dramatic. Check out this comparison. I think you will agree that we have made some progress in the last seven months:

Late September, 2005:

Late April, 2006:

Old parking lot of a driveway removed, new fences, sod, trees, flowers, only our own tools spread all over the place, random piles of debris hauled off. And fruit! Seven months ago fruit was just a daydream we were having as we chose apple varieties from a catalog and had long, detailed conversations about cherries and blueberries. Now fruit is coming soon. Yes, I do love this climate.

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posted by ayse on 05/08/06