Sowing the Seeds of Evil

I was at Home Depot this evening, and I decided to take a turn through the grass seed because the lawn could use some overseeding in spots (apparently grass doesn't care to spend three months submerged in rainwater). And just look at what was sitting innocently on the shelf, waiting to ruin somebody's life forever:

Bermuda grass seed

Oh, yes. Apparently somebody is under the impression that because you can't kill it, it makes a good lawn. The fact that it is invasive, that it will grow into every other bed you have and into your hardscape, growing through anything and everything, including concrete (and by the way, through concrete means through your foundation), that does not seem to deter seed companies.

More Bermuda grass

I can only pity the ignorant masses who plant this stuff. Look: lawns do not do well in this climate. This is California, not England. Even Bermuda grass goes dormant; it's just that when it wakes up it goes for the jugular. If you have a lawn here, you are not going to avoid the dry season by planting a noxious weed. Either deal with the climate we have here or move somewhere else where the climate is what you are looking for. Don't plant this horrible, evil grass so you can play lord of the manor.

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posted by ayse on 05/09/06