We Have STAIRS!!!! OMG!!!!1!!1!

It was a bright and sunny when I left the house early this morning. Charlie was already busy at work:

the job site

When I returned tonight, the stairs, landing, and most of the siding had been installed. Here's a still picture from Porch Cam showing the state of things:

porch cam shows all

Today's movie from Porch Cam shows the siding going up and the landing being constructed.

A view from the front:

completed stairs and landing from the front

A closer look at the new siding:

detail of new siding material

The crew came by and picked up a truckload of junk to take to the dump, so the pile out front is starting to shrink:

the shrinking pile of debris

When I opened the front door, the dogs were a bit nervous, but they eventually stepped out and started sniffing the new structure:

dogs check things out

As a special treat, here's a time lapse movie spanning all days of stair construction.

posted by noel on 05/11/06


Yay! Stairs! They look totally fab.

We're supposed to get our front & back stairs soon, what a relief!!

Amazing! I love the porch cam.

I have to ask though-- what's the green caterpillar like mass trying to eat your turquoise neighbor's porch?

CJ, that is a star jasmine. I believe one of those can easily digest a two-story house in only a few years.

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