Some Garden Innovation

This morning we took a little trip up to the Urban Farmer store to look at sprinklers (what can I say?). I've been thinking I'd like to set in some kind of covered gutter system for the sprinkler pipes, to make maintenance easier. But would I have to make them myself? Apparently not:

Prefab gutters

It's so reassuring that somebody else has already designed this thing for me.

Speaking of designing things for me, the very day I went out and hand-painted the Bermuda grass, I came inside and saw this post by Hanna explaining a far easier way to keep from spraying your roses with Roundup while getting the Bermuda growing under them. I don't drink soda, but I did have a soap bottle:

Spraay shield

It works very nicely (I didn't tape it on or glue it in place because I wanted to be able to use the bottle for unshielded spray, too), but you do have to be careful of drips from the shield as you move from weed to weed. I continue to do battle with the Bermuda.

Shield in action

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posted by ayse on 05/27/06