Don't Fence Me In

This poor borage plant got run over and knocked to the ground during an epic moment of dog-romping last week. We put in a stake and kind of tied it up, but it was clear that something had to be done if we wanted to keep all the plants I've been putting in.

Stomped borage

So Noel built me a little fence this weekend. We had picked up some wooden stakes and chicken wire last week at the hardware store, so it was pretty much a matter of cutting the chicken wire to size and pounding the sakes in.

Pounding stakes

The dogs seemed interested in the stake business, but mostly in the concept of possibly having new things to chew on.

Rosie checks out the stakes

A few staples later, we had an enclosure around one of the flower beds. This is where I looked over last weekend and saw Rosie rolling around mashing flowers to bits. Stupid dog. Well, no more. Now she has to run around the bed rather than through it.


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posted by ayse on 06/11/06