Pallet Compost Bins

Noel has been badgering me about those pallets ever since I showed him the e-mail about them, so this afternoon I turned them into composters. It takes only a minute or two, and if you have pallets lying around from some construction job, it costs next to nothing.

Here they are, post-construction:
New composters

The big thing for me was basically deciding where to put them, and I ended up kind of not deciding: they're just sitting in blank spots in what will eventually be the chicken yard.

I had five pallets, four of which were nice ones. I used three of the nice ones for this three-sided bin:

Nicer composter

I don't like a bottom on my bin, because we get a lot of worm action here without one. I also don't try to do perfect compost: I'm pretty happy to just let the stuff rot until it's done and then use it.

Ugly composter

As you can see, the one ugly pallet makes for a really ugly bin. Two sides make this more of a suggestion than a real composter, but it will hide the pile from view. I think the ugly composter will be the first one planted with a nice concealing vine.

Brass wire attachment

My only expenditure for this was a roll of brass wire for tying the pallets together.

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posted by ayse on 06/18/06