My poor Salvia clevelandii 'Pozo Blue'. I planted it by the side steps, and it was doing very well. There's one of these at Cal Poly that I just love, three feet tall and as wide, and I was looking forward to it growing larger over the next year. But that may not happen now.

Salvia clevelandii Pozo Blue

I'm not naming names, but somehow, the poor salvia was stomped to little tiny pieces last week. Saturday it just looked a little sad, but then there was more romping and stomping, and by Sunday morning it was looking very ragged. The girls are having a week away from home this week, so maybe it will be able to recover slightly, but all I can hope is that it isn't straight up dead.


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posted by ayse on 07/10/06


If the root had gotten going well you've got a good shot at it coming up again. Just be sure to keep it watered.
Salvias are way tough -- I've killed some of mine repeatedly.

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