Hummingbird in the Mist

Watering the yard at midday makes for great excitement. The dragonflies swoosh down and take baths, and sometimes a bird or two will hang out near the mist. But here's a great visitor: Oscar, the hummingbird (named after Oscar Wilde, and of course he does not answer to it). Hummingbirds love mist baths, and some places sell special misters for your birdbath to attract them. The sprinklers work good, too, so I'm going to stick with that.

It's really fun watching a hummingbird play in the mist. It's not a sight that photographs well, though, barring the ownership of actual decent photography gear. You can sort of see Oscar in action here, just above and slightly to the left of the tallest weed in the foreground:

Lawn watering

And a zoomed in view:

Oscar bathing

Happy little guy, isn't he?

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posted by ayse on 07/31/06