What We've Been Up To

Hi, how are you? We are fine, though we have not been posting. This is because most of the last four days have been spent clearing the front room of a year of accumulated junk in preparation for finishing the plastering.

Then today John very gently reminded me that hey, did I notice that the ceiling in his room had fallen in? So I spent much of the afternoon up on a ladder, making a mess of things in there.

You know, little things like swinging the ladder round and breaking a huge hole in his lamp, causing a rain of glass shards into his bed.

Broken lamp

To fix the hole I first pulled free all the loose plaster, then a bunch of loose ceiling and wall-paper. This made a big mess. Then I used these stabilizers to secure the edges of the plaster that got to stay to the lath: most of the plaster in this house is only holding on to the lath in the most rudimentary and incidental of ways.

Secured plaster

Now I need to figure out how to seal this hole off, without going to too much trouble. Replastering is right out, and my attempt to secure a piece of drywall over it hit the minor snag of not having screws long enough to attach it. I'm ruminating on the subject right now, though, so perhaps this evening we will have a solution.

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posted by ayse on 08/22/06