Guess What? And Also a Shed

More digging today, and laying in of retaining blocks, and all that.

It's coming along nicely, I think, and even though the whole carrying-heavy-blocks thing is getting a little old, as is the shoveling sand around thing, I'm into the groove. Today I pretty much finished the sloped upper pathway, which will give us rolling access to the back yard while also sloping enough to drain the side yard.

Here it is from the side yard looking back, with all the random garden tools, wagons, and other assorted crap piled in the back edited out.

Pathway from the side yard

And the same view from the quince as yesterday. You can see that I've put more blocks in and created a slope up where there was a step. All the water is because I was testing the drainage and also using it to firm the sand into place.

Pathway from the quince

And from my original spot by the peaches. There's quite the pile of sand in the middle of my big hole, but let's face it, piles of sand are kind of our thing at this point.

Pathway from the peaches

Anyway, I might take a brief break from the earthworks to start the foundation work for what will be a greenhouse someday, but for the moment is going to be an ugly metal shed. All kinds of compromises involved in that, but what is not a compromise is the prospect of getting more items that do not strictly belong in a living room out of the two parlours.

The shed is a prefab jobbie, the same size as the future greenhouse. The job of putting it together should be a real laugh riot: I've been reading the instructions for the last few days, and as an indication, every other drawing has the door on the wrong side of the building.

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posted by ayse on 09/12/06