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It's been a bit monomaniacal around here lately, but with the rain coming and my need to not have bicycles all over the front parlour, we decided we really needed to make a push for getting the shed all put together. So today, more messing with that.

We started here, with this nice, neatly dug sump, which turned out to be a couple inches too narrow on all sides at the very bottom.


Noel discovered this when he measured, but even with a bit more trimming, when he went to dry-fit the Christie boxes it was too small.

Noel fitting the Christie boxes

Does this look familiar? In the meantime, I began running the capped irrigation lines out from the manifold to where they will come up through the greenhouse floor, when the shed turns into a greenhouse. Also, one more circuit out to the eastern wall, so we can fill up the trench when this is done.

Laying out plumbing

I had to dig a bit more of the trench near the manifold, but the ground was nicely softened by the recent rain.

Manifold beginning

After a long struggle left unrecorded because it involved things like both of us straining and cursing and all sorts of getting dirty, we got the first and second Christie boxes into the hole.

Greenhouse dry well getting going

Then Noel finally got the last box set!

The sump is done!

The most amazing part, for me, is having my little patch of garden back. Now I have to decide what to plant there (I think I'm going to put the fig tree in that spot).

No more boxes in the garden!

Cut for a couple of hours of fun plumbing stuff, in which I ran my two capped lines (right) and one side circuit (left). There was a reason I stopped working on this this summer, which is that doing PVC assembly is incredibly boring.

Irrigation plumbing

I did finally get it done, but as you can see, I sort of screwed up the near connection to the manifold while gluing, so I need to fix that tomorrow.

Completed manifold

Because I know myself marginally well, I labeled the pipes to show what part of the system they serve. Even more stunning is that I remembered to label the capped ends in the greenhouse.

Labeled pipes

This is the kind of boneheaded thing I would do: think I can remember for five years what I meant by 1 and 2, and then have to pour water all over the place in order to figure out which pipe went to which valve. I'm very happy that I remembered to do it right this time.

Labeled capped ends

Other adventures today included putting together the concrete mixer, which involved even more cursing than the sump, potting up the hydrangeas for the winter, and unpacking an order from Plant Delights.

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posted by ayse on 10/07/06