Gone Fishing

We spent a few hours today working on the wiring for the shed. Mostly fishing wires through various thicknesses of conduit, that sort of thing. So now we have electricity going out to the shed, and the trench with irrigation and wiring is filled in except for the last bit where it goes under the foundation.

We've both been avoiding the inevitable: digging out the back part of the foundation, where there are tons of rocks from the house foundation work. We got started on it once it was clear there was nothing else to do, and it is a bear. Put the shovel in an inch, hit a rock. It reminds me of gardening in New England in the spring, when the frost heaves have bubbled a million rocks to the surface of the soil. I wonder if there is a better tool for digging in rocky soil.

Anyway, it was dark when we finally stopped working, and I just forgot to take pictures while we were in process (and honestly, do you want to see more photos of digging? I thought not), so instead I give you this photo of my toad lilies blooming:

Trycirtis blooming

They are every bit as nice as I expected. I love fall-flowering plants.

Edited to add:

Here are some photos:

The wiring comes out of the house in the corner, and immediately goes underground into the trench where the irrigation plumbing runs.

Coming out of the house

It comes up and will be attached to a framework near where the plumbing for the greenhouse comes through the slab. We need to fuss with this a bit more so the conduit comes straight up instead of at an angle like this.

Through the slab

And the trench is all filled in. To the right, under the cardboard, will be a little planting area. Right ahead, towards the gate, will be a pathway. Someday.

Filled in trench

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posted by ayse on 10/13/06