Let There be Warmth

We've been delaying reattaching the duct to the bathroom until it got to the point where it was kind of ridiculous (and chilly, of a morning). So today Noel spent a couple of hours getting it all back in place.

It became apparent that there was a lot of excess duct (it used to have to go around a wall in the old basement configuration).

Lots of duct

For the most part it was pretty straightforward: lay the duct out, pin it up to the floorboard with plumber's tape, so on and so forth.

Wrestling duct

There was a tricky bit at the end of the duct, because the nitwits who installed it had done some stupid stuff with the connection while "fixing" a mistake they made (don't get me started on the heating contractors). But it is now all in place and we have heat in the bathroom!

(Please ignore the horrific mess in my garden stuff corner there.)

Attaching the end

In the meantime, I went through the garden with sword and fire (well, secateurs). The dahlias were all pooped out so I chopped them down. I left them in place and will mulch over them. I considered chipping them, but they're so fleshy and wet that I don't think that is necessary.

Dahlia bed

I also chopped down the roses that have a bad rust infection. It seems to have affected only two varieties (St. Cecilia and Geoff Hamilton), because I ended up with a pair of these big gashes in the hedge. This winter I am going to loosen up the spacing in the hedge to get more air in there, and next year I will be spraying early and often. I give in. Roses are high-maintenance and will always be.

Pruning the rose hedge

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posted by ayse on 10/15/06