Boards and Battens

This afternoon we got back to business after a brief lull for lots of cooking, eating, and romping with dogs.

With our outline marked, we dug trenches around the shed where the footings will go. Even a slab foundation needs footings, to strengthen the slab. This digging took the most time, because of the rocks and all the sifting we had to do.

Footing trenches

We decided to put in the furthest form board, measured from the house. Then we'd be sure the foundation was square to the house and the right distance away.

Putting in the first boards

As we removed soil from the foundation area, we sifted out the rocks and dumped it into the path going to the back yard, which we want to build up to shed rain better (right now we have a pair of boards over it but that is not a long-term solution).

Bulding up the path

After a bit of fussing around and fiddling, we got the formwork square and level. Tomorrow we clear out the middle, make it roughly the right level, and spend some time scratching our heads over how we're going to get that many sacks of concrete into our back yard.

Completed formwork

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posted by ayse on 11/24/06