Hard Frost

It's been well below freezing lately in our normally sunny climes, so there may be more than a few casualties in the garden. Fortunately, my tastes run to heavy zone denial and I have a lot of stuff that really prefers a winter chill, so most of the confirmed kills so far are in the poppy bed.

The California natives are taking it all in stride. These seedlings from annual Penny Black are doing just fine.


And the poppies are starting to come up again (they're perennials, but also self-sow).

California poppies

Also showing their faces (um, sort of) are the various allium I planted this fall.

One kind of allium

And I think these are something else but didn't look at the tag before leaving home.

More bulbs coming up

They all seem to have weathered the frosts nicely, thank goodness.

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posted by ayse on 01/15/07


And yet here in North Carolina we've had so little real winter, I imagine the spring show from the lilacs, dogwoods, and cherries will be totally pathetic. (Worth the trade for these balmy breaks in January, though!)

As an aside, I suppose the plural of allium must be allia? Which is kind of fun to contemplate. Allia est omnes divisa in partes tres? Sorry, a dry little high-school Latin joke.

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