The Last Trench

We were very motivated today to get going and finish off the piping in the trench, so we could fill it in and be nearly done with the irrigation out back. After this bit is done, the only factor holding us up is my willingness to devote time to the project under the house. Which means it may never be done.

Once Noel had finished digging down the trench and I'd glued all the pipe, we replaced the dirt (adding some compost in the beds to make up for the disturbance).

Filling in the trench and replacing bricks

Here's a bit of a closer look at the stubs coming out of the ground in the strawberry bed. I'll glue on angles and attach the drip system the next time I can work in the garden; I need to get some more pieces to finish the job up.

Strawberry bed stubs

When we'd finished the gluing and waited the requisite hour, I tested the circuits. This also serves to blow out all the dirt that has gotten in the pipes, and there was a lot of it. Here's the pipes coming up near the Asian pears, looking like a pair of periscopes. I think I will cut these lower to the ground.

Tested pipes

The far end of the trench is where three pipes come up. This is hidden among the salvias, and once the bed has filled in some more it won't be visible at all from the path.

Far end

And here's what it's all in service of: an apple ('Jonathan') ripening in the orchard...

Jonathan apple

... and check out these nectarines:

Snow Queen nectarine

When we'd finished, Noel helped me glue up my broken gnome (the dogs like to pick them up and throw them around; thank goodness they were very cheap). Not that I need help with gluing, but you have to understand that we were on a roll with getting things done.

Broken gnome

I put these photos here as an object lesson in why you should not paint every surface in your kitchen bright yellow. A little less saturated, maybe buttery rather than Buttr-Flavr, and perhaps a nice light blue ceiling. One of these days I'll lose my mind and repaint the kitchen ceiling just to relieve the endless yellow. Yeah, I know you like bright colours. But a little bit goes a looooong way.

Do not paint your entire kitchen bright yellow

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posted by ayse on 06/10/07


I think you can set your camera's white balance to adjust for that. I'm guessing the light doesn't seem quite as yellow in person as it does in the pics.

Amazingly, that is the colour-corrected version of those photos. The light is just that yellow. After a few minutes your eyes adjust to it, but then you walk into another room and everything seems very blue or red. Sometimes at night it's hard to recognize things because the yellow light throws off their colour so badly.

Good call on the Johnathon apple tree. It's my favorite.

Jonathan is the classic apple, and basically impossible to find on the West Coast, which means our pies can only be second-best. When we were choosing apple varieties to plant, I knew one of them had to be Jonathan.

Ah, yes. Gnome tossing. That's a doggie olympics event, you know!

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