Piping to the Fern Walk

Sometimes a project that seems to be taking forever (or at least more than a year, which is pretty long) suddenly kicks in and things start happening really fast. Thus it is that we have pipes run out to the Fern Walk today. The glue is setting up for its requisite one hour before testing, and then I will install all the sprinklers and let her rip.

See? A pipe. Through a wall. The second hole is for the misters I'll be putting out there to increase the humidity.

Pipe through the wall

Here's the pipe sort of hap-hazardly routed across the ceiling of the basement:

Crazy pipe

Noel's out at a gig and I am certain he will have something scathing to say about that. But that's what he gets for leaving me home alone to get into that sort of trouble.

But here's the part where I care:

Pipe coming out of the wall

As soon as the sun moves over a bit I can go out and work some more, but we're in the middle of the alley's two hours of full sun per summer day.

In other news, we measured very carefully and found out that the shorter 600-gallon tank will fit under the deck with minimal digging. I'd like to rent a bobcat, but Noel thinks it'd be fine to do by hand.

Edited to add: An hour later, we have irrigation!

Sprinkler in the Fern Walk

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posted by ayse on 07/08/07