Quality Testing

At 4:45 or so this morning we were awakened by an earthquake (apparently closer to 4:42, but we were asleep). As it turns out, it was a 4.2 with its epicenter only a few miles from us.

I'm pleased to report that this foundation that cost us so much (in cash and in stress and in stomach lining) sailed through like a champ. In previous, milder earthquakes the house has swayed insanely -- enough to make us pack the cats into their carriers and hustle the dogs outside. None of that.

Also: no damage to the house, no objects on the floor, nothing. First thing this morning I took the dogs out and picked some fresh strawberries. Then I remembered that there'd been an earthquake and went to look it up out of curiosity. That is how good it is to have a new foundation on this ancient beast.

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posted by ayse on 07/20/07