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At 4:45 or so this morning we were awakened by an earthquake (apparently closer to 4:42, but we were asleep). As it turns out, it was a 4.2 with its epicenter only a few miles from us.

I'm pleased to report that this foundation that cost us so much (in cash and in stress and in stomach lining) sailed through like a champ. In previous, milder earthquakes the house has swayed insanely -- enough to make us pack the cats into their carriers and hustle the dogs outside. None of that.

Also: no damage to the house, no objects on the floor, nothing. First thing this morning I took the dogs out and picked some fresh strawberries. Then I remembered that there'd been an earthquake and went to look it up out of curiosity. That is how good it is to have a new foundation on this ancient beast.

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posted by ayse on 07/20/07


Whew! What a relief. I guess there isn't any way to really test your earthquake-proofing except by having an earthquake.

Here, I only have to worry about hail and tornados (the former is common, the latter rare in town). I can't imagine the homeowners' nail-biting in earthquake country. My brick Victorian would surely be a goner.

Yeah, brick is tricky in earthquake country. And Victorian brick is just a huge liability.

The thing about doing seismic improvements is that they're really just meant to save your life in the case of the Big One. Give you enough time to get out of the house, which is likely to be toast. And, of course, keep the house from sliding off its foundation in smaller quakes. But really, there's no use worrying about earthquakes beyond the obvious structural improvements. We can't predict them and honestly, most of them are just fine. Sometimes a thing you like falls over and breaks, but it's just stuff.

Glad to hear everything was fine & that it wasn't worse. Way to go foundation!

And that right there is how I've come to terms with how much the foundation work is going to cost.. assuming we ever get the permits. The one thing I was relieved about was that our house wasn't up on blocks, as it would've been if we'd gotten started when we'd hoped to.

It's always nice to have good, solid (pun intended) proof that all the effort was worthwhile! Rest easy :)

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