The Ten Year Plan: Year Four

Another year, another day of reckoning. One of the ideas being doing an annual report on our progress was to encourage us to get more done. So let's see how we're doing:

  1. Paint exterior of house
  2. Finish living rooms
    I really fell down on this one this year. But we just have so much stuff in the house right now that I can't figure out how to move everything out of two rooms to do the work needed. See, the back parlour (the library) needs lots of plaster repair, while the front is still in taping stages. I'd like to get this done in 2008 but given the other projects planned for the year, I doubt it will happen unless a miracle occurs.
  3. Foundation replacement
  4. Remove Fright Box under house, redo plumbing
  5. Redo upstairs bath and add half bath under stairs
    Ah! It is on the list! I am reading books on plumbing code and drawing plans and trying to figure out if I have to learn how to tile a shower.
  6. Remove chimney, replace furnace thing
  7. Install gas fireplace in living room, upstairs
    Stalled until we get around to rebuilding the chimney chase in the front parlour. Not entirely necessary, with the central heat.
  8. Re-roof
    On the year's list, but dependent on both money and contractor availability. As noted previously, this is something we've been avoiding dealing with.
  9. Insulate crawlspace and attic
    We avoided this last year. This may be the year when we finally get down to it, at least for the crawlspace (the attic might as well wait until the roof is done).
  10. Remove fake wooden panelling, stabilize plaster, and repaint all rooms
    Progress! We have only one room with paneling left: the dining room, which currently houses a tech startup and is not available for my gentle ministrations. However, our last-minute dash with the Accordion Room means I have something to report.
  11. Block air infiltration around various doors
    OK, I give up. We have lots of holes in our house. Good thing it rarely gets below 30F here.
  12. Replace window sashes
    We've been thinking of this as like buying each other very expensive jewelry. In other words, not likely to happen while I am in my internship.
  13. Strip ugly pink paint from as much woodwork as possible
    Not in the cards this year. Made no progress last year. I might get a bug in my butt and make a stab at it when the weather gets warmer (when the paint starts to peel up on its own). We'll see.
  14. Remove linoleum from floors/refinish wooden floors
    We're going to make our first try at this in the Accordion Room. Not sure how it will work, but it's a small space. I'm going to try my hand at floor painting.
  15. Remove the concrete driveway extension into the back yard
  16. Related landscaping/gardening
    I declare this done as of last summer. With the irrigation in, the landscaping to happen now is just elaborating on the main design. And I wanted to strike something off the list.
  17. Repair front porch/re-rebuild front steps
  18. Repair side porch, remove steps, and turn into a conservatory
    Not this year.
  19. Draw detailed plans for the Day of Glory
    This will happen this year, at least part of it because I'll need complete floorplans for the bathroom work.

Not a lot of progress, but actually better than it might have been, given that I was not home all year. And we're looking forward to getting a lot more done in the year to come.

(Also: why was it only year 4 of the plan when we've lived here for 5 years? Because we started the plan after the first year in the house.)

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posted by ayse on 01/02/08