Sympathy Flooding

We didn't have any flooding in our neighborhood from the Epic Storms that hit California, but tonight when Noel went to look for something in the mess that is under the kitchen sink (how did we get so many cleaning supplies??), we found out that our plumbing felt left out and decided to flood us just a little.

On the top of the picture, the fitting just out of sight was loose. Right after the u-bend, one of the fittings had broken right in half, so water was just pouring out (as you might be able to see in this action photo). When we were taking stuff apart, we discovered that a fitting off to the right was also really loose.

Breaks in three places

Noel pulled all the pipe out, and we cleaned it up (mmm, nothing like washing out drain pipe) and found the broken pieces. That was a small straight piece of pipe at the top of the photo, where the flange of the pipe had broken off so it could not be tightened, and the one broken fitting.

Pull it all out

This was one of the easier repairs. A trip to the store for pipe and fitting and a fancy new large-diameter pipe cutter, then five minutes of fiddling under the sink, and it was like new. Well, given how this house is, probably much better than new.

Nice new pipe and fittings

While at the store we also priced out fence materials, which will be expensive but not back-breakingly so. Now, if the rest of the house would please stay in one piece for a while I would appreciate it.

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posted by ayse on 01/07/08