Stuff on My Tank

Also, I'm slightly stalled on the water tank, as I can't decide whether to add a union to make disassembly easier. Here's the connection so far, with a shutoff so we can fill the tank before attaching the pump.

Tank plus valve

And modeled in place with the pump.

How is that pump fitting in there?

I'm trying to decide if I should put in some kind of screw-in-place fastener in there so I don't have to rotate the pump (or cut the pipe) to disassemble it after the whole thing is glued in place.

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posted by ayse on 03/21/08


As someone who gets to deal w/ plumbing problems at work...Unions and Valves = very good. Can't have enough. A pain now; but less of a pain later,later and later. Watching your projects w/ admiration.

Good point. My main concern is that I'm considering replacing the pump in a few years with something more robust (particularly, something self-priming), but that hardly means I'm not going to have repairs on the current pump or system in the meantime.

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