Stuff in My Tank

Leaving aside the whole problem of unions/no unions, Noel wanted to install three sensors in the water tank. One sensor will tell us when the water level is above the fill level (meaning water needs to be dumped from the tank), one will tell us when the water is again at a safe level (meaning we can stop dumping water), and the final sensor will tell us when the water level is too low for us to safely pump any water out of the tank (because the pump will lose its prime).

This afternoon we installed the last of those sensors, while the tank began to fill up. Yes, first thing this morning Noel jumped in the car and went to Pagano's to get a pump and electronic activator to fill the tank.

Anyway, here's the sensor thing. The hinged part floats when it's in the water, so when it's closed it makes an electrical connection. The part I'm holding is a screw plug, so you just drill a hole in the side of your tank, give this a few wraps of teflon tape, and screw it in place.

Level sensor

The hole is drilled right above the top of the outlet hole, so it turns off the system before the water level gets below the top and lets air in to possibly break the priming of the pump.

Hole location

I just really liked this picture.

Residue from drilling the tank

So, yeah. The sensor goes in the hole, you screw it in, and you or another person says when it is facing the right way because it won't work right if it's not in right side up.

Installing the sensor

By the way, this is the view into the tank through that hole. Pretty neat, huh? Lots of weird random schmoo floating in the water.

View into the tank

And here are your fearless tank installers, looking into the watery depths and admiring the fine little sensor they have just installed.

Water in the tank

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posted by ayse on 03/22/08