Hacking at the Garden

Last week, if you will recall, I was hacking away at grass that had grown over the upper path through the orchard. Today I swapped my scuffle hoe for an adze, and work went much better.

Here's where I left it off last week, with several tough islands of grass still in place.

De-grassing the pathway

And after today's heavy labour:

De-grassed pathway

In celebration, I planted some butterfly plants in one cleared section, and some lamb's ear along the pathway edge.

I also spent a fair amount of time working on the last bit of irrigation plumbing, which is the mister system for the Fern Walk. I was reluctant to install it while we were watering with city water, but now that we're using the tank we have more than enough water to waste some of it with misters.

Of course, I got partway through the installation and realized I was missing some critical pieces, so I then spent an hour or more dealing with weeds that have been coming back there. I think I put about ten buckets of weeds into the compost today.

Fern Walk work

It's quite the day for messing up on material estimates. Here's Noel, hard at work on the pump switch (to turn the pump on before the valves open, and turn it off when they close), realizing that he bought the wrong relay today. Oops.

Noel and his electronic project

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posted by ayse on 03/24/08


I have just discovered this blog and am absolutely blown away by your perserverance and love for your home. No way could my husband and I do this - my allergies and sinuses would definitely rebel! We live in San Pedro (SoCal)in a beach bungalow built in 1963 (about 1900 sq feet) and cringe when anything has to be done to it! Plumbing especially!! Lucky for us it's a pretty solid house and doesn't make a lot of demands.

I also love your garden! Really beautiful! Your animals are sweet!

None of my business of course, but what are you studying? I see a mention of a thesis, I'm just curious.

I don't buy lotto tickets too often, but if I win (and it would have to be really REALLY big) I'll send you a portion - I promise! :-) Your Casa Decrepit is one sweet house! You're very lucky!


Hi, Mary, thanks for the comments. We're not terribly adept at everything we attempt, but we can be pretty fearless (or stupid).

As for my thesis, I just finished a degree in architecture (at Cal Poly, so I was commuting 250 miles each way for three years). Thesis studio is the last step before graduating, a year-long exploration of an idea. It was a lot of work and kept me away from home quite a bit.

I have to admit, you are the first person to suggest they would share lotto earnings with us!

Note: We're getting pummeled with spam comments, so I've turned off the ability to use any HTML or include any links for the time being. Email with any issues.

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