Fun in the Ceiling

The kitchen light has had some serious problems. It had eaten light bulbs like they were potato chips, both incandescent and compact fluorescent, and frankly not so many compact fluorescent because we're not made of money, you stupid light.

At first we thought it was the fixture, so we changed that. But no, it was in the wiring. So last weekend Noel climbed up into the kitchen ceiling to re-wire the fixture, which was wired in a way that can only be described as deeply, profoundly terrifying. And of course, because it was our ceiling, there was all kinds of fun stuff to be found there from various previous occupants. Here's a tour of some of the more interesting things.

A doll head, old man edition. Made of some kind of lightweight clay.

Old man doll

Yet another patent medicine bottle, this one broken. I've been trying to figure out if the sheer numbers of medicine bottles in the yard and house says anything about the medical condition of the residents of this house, or if I'm just not seeing how many bottles I've used in my life because I can throw them away.

Medicine bottle top

A packet of rolling papers, with several papers still in it. I like the French guy on the cover.

Cigarette papers

I like the advertising copy on these old packages. And the use of center justification, which just looks naive today.

Advertising copy

I remember having Christmas labels like this when I was a kid. I like that this one has Noel's name on it.

Christmas label

A crumpled up letter that I will not transcribe. It's funny how you can find a little scrap of somebody else's tragedy hiding away in the oddest places.

Crumpled letter

A grocery list, complete with a total misunderstanding of the use of the apostrophe.

Grocery list

Instructions for a card game about the stock market.

Game instructions

A little handout against Prohibition. (Or in favour of the state's water works.)

Political handout

A tire advertisement that references the Scopes trial, of all things.

Tire advertising

An ancient condom packet -- I really like the metal container.

Packet of condoms

And it's unused, although after all this time a bit on the dry side.

And the condom left inside

There has been a weird collection of both Christmas and wedding/baby shower wrapping and decorating supplies in the kitchen ceiling, probably because it's under the attic where such supplies would naturally be stored (certainly, that's where I store mine).

Baby ribbons

More baby shower stuff: a spiral-bound book of really terrible baby shower games.

Baby shower games book

With a bunch of notes inside it clearly between two attendants at the party.

Note in the shower book

I'll die laughing. Oh, wait till she hears the news. Isn't that something. His first years he going to wear dressing. Weher does she find things like this. I has too. It's a gown. Oh for heavens sake. Yes they are very mean.

Amazingly enough, there's even more of this stuff, but for the most part it's ancient newspapers that are not up to being photographed (or unfolded, actually).

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posted by ayse on 07/30/08