In Which We Get Little Accomplished

Today we wanted to get some trim on the shed. This, apparently, was more easily contemplated than accomplished.

Here's where we left off several weeks ago: we have siding, we have roof, but we have no trim. Trim serves a couple of purposes: it makes the building look more finished, and it protects the edges of things against water infiltration, among other things. So trim is desired, and soon.

State of the shed

Noel went out and measured the various trim areas, and we betook ourselves to Home Depot to purchase the stuff in question (reason #1 why locally owned lumberyards drive me crazy: not being open on Sundays).

Home Depot sells this wood/vinyl trim material relatively cheaply. It's vinyl, which makes it inherently not a great product, but it's dimensionally stable and rot-proof, which is good. Anyway, they don't offer any other non-wood moldings at Home Depot, so that was what we got.

We crammed all this into the Geo (which elicited the usual stares and comments by other people in the parking lot), and got it out back. Then Noel went on an excursion to Berkeley to get a finish nailer, which took a little chunk of time.

Piles of trim pieces

And then when we went to start caulking up the seams, it was apparent that I'd bought the wrong caulking stuff and we couldn't get anything more done until we got the right stuff. There you have it. Maybe we can get some work done on this this week.

By the way, I think the quinces are ready to be harvested. My metric for this is the number of branches that are so heavy they are lying on the ground (two). This after I thinned the fruit off the lower branches a month ago.

Quinces on tree

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posted by ayse on 09/14/08