Cast of Thousands

This weekend Noel's parents were in town, and you might think that we'd get little to nothing done with the constant whirl of social events and so on. But instead they insisted that we put them to work, so we did.

Here we have the lower half of my father in law and the chickens, who eschewed the nice little area I opened up for them in the Fern Walk, full of all kinds of bugs and unpecked plants, in order to be right under foot as we worked. Between chickens, dogs, and in-laws, the yard was very crowded today.

The chickens can help with carpentry

The three of us worked our way around the house, with Noel and father doing the carpentry bits and me caulking. I got the window we did last time caulked up, plus the front door. And there was plenty of caulking to do under the trim, as well.

Noel and dad putting up trim

As for the trim material, it is not great stuff. It's PVC with wood, and it cuts OK (with a slight tendency to melt), but then it leaves drifts of white PVC dust around. If this were sawdust, I'd just leave it there, but a pile of PVC in the lawn is not going to break down into anything good for plants.

So I vacuumed the lawn to get it up. Fortunately, it vacuums up fairly easily, without the static cling that a lot of plastics have when they've been cut.

Vacuuming the lawn

And at the end of the day, we had trim all around, although at the corners we still need to come down to the bottom of the siding.

Almost done!

We also need to install the drip edge we have, and trim back the shingles, and of course replace the missing pane of glass in the door. But then the chicken house will be done until we're ready to paint it, which will probably be next year sometime.

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posted by ayse on 09/28/08