Garden Report: January 30

I spent some time in the garden this evening fixing up a cage for my potatoes (which are chitting nicely, but will clearly not be ready to go outside for several weeks).

Chickens checking out the potato cage

I used some 48" chicken wire, which is a lot taller than I need inside the garden area, but a reasonable height for the back wall. Because I'd spread straw all over the place, I had to dig out a path for the wire fence to go around the inside of the cage. The straw is rotting down and killing the grass under it very nicely. Of course, it's not too hard to kill this grass; it's not Bermuda grass.

Some weeks ago I came out in the morning and saw that somebody had been thrashing about in the pond. Neither of the dogs was soaking wet, so I guessed that a raccoon had been fishing. But the water was thick and brown with dirt, and I couldn't see much. Noel was willing to stick his hand in there and couldn't find any sign of them. This week I let the sump rinse out the pond with clear water, and yup, we are fishless. Poor Mr. Fish and Miss Fish were somebody's dinner.

No fish

I'd be heartbroken, except they were not exactly companionable animals. And now I can use the pond liner as a bog garden for growing carnivorous plants.

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posted by ayse on 01/30/09