Mudding in the Ceiling of the Bay

Here's about two hours of my life:

Unmudded bay ceiling

After mudding

For reasons unknown to me, working in the bay always seems to take longer and be more exhausting than the entire rest of the room. And I was pretty tired after all the work I did yesterday.

Two ceiling edges still to go, and then I sand and do the top coat (then I sand some more, fill in some more cracks, sand some more, curse at the walls, and eventually just give up and call it done). I'm going to try thinning the mud for the top coat, just to be able to get better flow into the cracks and bits.

If I can get a couple of good hours of work in every day this week, and manage to choose a paint colour that pleases me, we'll paint on the weekend. Only off by a week, but as I always say, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

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posted by ayse on 03/16/09