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We have spent the last couple of days moving stuff (including a piano and two large heavy bookcases) out of the hallway and dining room into any other room in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. Before we totally trash the place, I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the site of our work tomorrow.

First we have the hallway. This view is from the base of the stairs by the front door, looking back into the dining room (note Rosie lying on the floor there, totally discombobulated). The ceiling in here is lowered and the walls have multiple layers of wallpaper with a texture and paint over them. Ceiling is coming off and wallpaper is coming down.

Front hall looking to the dining room

Roughly the same location, looking up into the upstairs hall. The ceiling here is also lowered, and we're also hoping to be able to remove it and return to the old ceiling level.

Looking up the stairs

I really just put this one in here to show off all the pink in our hallway. You know, you kind of get used to it after a while. Anyway, same hallway, looking towards the front door from the dining room doorway.

Back hall from the dining room towards the front

And the dining room itself, from the kitchen doorway. Our last room with fake wood paneling (there's still some in the closet under the stairs, but that doesn't count because it's a closet). I'm actually able to see the day in my future when I can retire my "fake wood panelling" keyword.

The dining room is easily our largest room, and someday we are planning to turn it into our kitchen so we can enjoy the lovely southwest light in there. It's ridiculously oversized for a dining room (over 16 feet in both directions, and mostly squarish), but it actually works nicely as a kitchen with two working areas and a breakfast nook in the bay.

The dining room in its current glory

Here's the panorama. This room has a totally ridiculous three doorways, but only one light switch. This means I have pretty much permanent bruises on my shins from making my way through there in the dark.

Dining Room before demolition

Anyway, after we finished the clearout tonight, while I was putting together some pizza dough for lunch tomorrow, Noel drilled a hole in the dining room ceiling to take a look. This is what he saw:

There is a ceiling medallion in there, too

I'm not even sure what to say. At least it looks like we can repair it, if we have some care in taking the broken bits down. But what on earth were they thinking?

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posted by ayse on 03/27/09


Bummer about the ceiling medallion. I wonder why they lowered the ceilings in the first place? Do they appear excessively cracked? That medallion is gorgeous.

The curved staircase with the niche is beautiful, even in Barbie pink. Do you have colors picked out for the rooms you are working on next?

Our current thinking on why they lowered the ceiling is because it was supposed to save energy and help a house feel warmer (which it might, if the problem were not leaky windows that had never been maintained).

The only medallion with major damage is the dining room one, and I think that might be salvageable. We'll see when we uncover it today.

As for colours, we don't exactly have any picked out. I'd like to paint the hall a medium gray (nice background for art), but I don't know what to do with the dining room. I'm open to suggestions; I've even submitted it as a "design dilemma" at another web site.

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