Anti-Dog Missile Defense System

Without the missiles.

We spent this morning and early afternoon making more panels of anti-dog fence for the garden. Noel cut the wood to size, then cut slots in it on the table saw.

Cutting slots in the wood

Then he strapped the pieces together with some assorted metal straps we had around (total overkill; these are for seismic strapping). Secured with screws.

Strapping the panels together

In the meantime I cut pieces of chicken wire to size and folded the edges to make them easier to attach. With the whole frame assembled, we stuffed the wire in the slot and screwed it into place.

Stuffing the wire into the slot

A screw every foot or so holds the chicken wire firmly into the slot so the stupid dog cannot push it out and get into the garden. If we need to repair the screen for any reason, we can unscrew it and make a repair.

Wire in slot, screwed into place

We got four more panels done today. Enough to do one whole side of the garden as soon as we get our hands on some more fence posts to hang them on.

Four more panels

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posted by ayse on 05/30/09


Nice-looking table saw and a good set of clamps. Which reminds me...another bit of equipment I've got if you ever want to borrow it is a wet tile saw. Not a huge one, but good for ceramic tiles for a bathroom, kitchen backsplash, etc.

The table saw is pretty OK. Definitely a job-site tool rather than fine woodworking, but it works for what we need. And good clamps are always worth it.

We don't currently have any need for a wet tile saw, but should we ever get round to doing our big bathroom project, we'll take you up on that.

Hi Noel - with your parents tonight and laughing like mad over the old days, like your place and hope you and your wife are doing well.

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