It's been a bit dull on the house front around here. We had a death in the family and work got a bit out of control, so not much has been going on. Soon, though.

In the meantime, guess what arrived today?

Three for us, three for our neighbors. It's all kind of baaaaaaaaby animals around here right now. Photos and more video here.

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posted by ayse on 06/23/09


I love how they race right through the food dish. Can you name the little blonde one Spike? Please?

You're right. 30 seconds - interesting. 2:32 Boooooring. :) Love your blog.

Spike? For a girl?

And I'm not sure the blonde will end up being ours. She's one of the easter-eggers, and the neighbor's kid really wanted her (though of course she will end up looking really different).

So sorry for your loss. I have missed reading your adventures.

Cute additions! Thanks for the care package. Yum! I've actually completed sanding and painting the trim for my entry way and living room. Only 6 more rooms to go! Want to race?

Hah! I think I know who would win that race.

Enjoy the jelly. It's a trifle hard; I had some this morning and it was more quince taffy than quince jelly. I must get better at the fine art of just enough cooking.

Sorry about the death in your family. I've missed reading your posts. Hopefully, the 'little ones' will get you through this difficult time.

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